Victory Destroyer

Name:Class/PL:Victory Destroyer / Armageddon
Crew Quality: Troops:6
Speed:10In Service:2266+
Turns:1/45ºCraft:Aurora Starfury (3)
Thunderbolt Starfury (3)
Hull:6Special Rules: Adaptive Armour
Advanced Jump Engine
Anti-Fighter 6
Carrier 2
Command +3
Flight Computer
Interceptors 6
Damage:100 / 16Crew:110 / 20

Lightning Cannon20B8Beam
Quad Damage
Improved Neutron Laser30F6Beam
Triple Damage
Improved Neutron Laser30A4Beam
Triple Damage
Fusion Cannon18T10Mini-Beam
Heavy Pulse Cannon12T20Twin-Linked
* If the Lightning Cannon is fired, the Victory may not fire any other weapons and will be moved forward 4” next turn. However, it then cannot do anything else (except take damage) until after the End Phase of the next turn. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch.
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