Leshath Heavy Scout

Name:Class/PL:Leshath Heavy Scout / Raid
Crew Quality: Troops:3
Speed:10In Service:1995+
Turns:2/45ºCraft:Nial or Flyer (1)
Hull:4Special Rules: Advanced Anti-Fighter 4
Advanced Jump Engine
Flight Computer
Stealth 6+
Damage:24 / 8Crew:28 / 9

Fusion Cannon18F6Mini-Beam
Fusion Cannon18P4Mini-Beam
Fusion Cannon18S4Mini-Beam
Fusion Cannon18A4Mini-Beam
The Lesthath has no range limit on the use of its Scout trait, instead of the usual 36" range. In addition, when using its Scout trait, a Leshath will reduce a target’s Stealth trait to 1+, instead of just lowering it by one.
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