Apollo Strike Cruiser (Variant)

Name:Class/PL:Apollo Strike Cruiser (Variant) / Battle
Crew Quality: Troops:2
Speed:7In Service:2268+
Turns:1/45ยบCraft:Aurora Starfury (1)
Hull:6Special Rules: Anti-Fighter 4
Interceptors 3
Jump Engine
Damage:38 / 8Crew:46 / 9

Advanced Missile Rack30F4Precise
Slow-Loading *
Super AP
Double Damage
Heavy Pulse Cannon12P14Twin-Linked
Double Damage
Heavy Pulse Cannon12S14Twin-Linked
Advanced Missile Rack30A2Precise
Slow-Loading *
Super AP
* These weapons ignore the Slow-Loading trait unless the Apollo is Crippled.
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