Burger's D&D 4e Character Generator

 Important: Read this first! 
If your sheets print in black & white and don't display the damage tracks correctly, you need to enable background colour printing.
Internet Explorer: Tools menu -> Internet Options, "Advanced" tab, "Printing" section, tick "Print background colours and images"
Firefox: File menu -> Page Setup, "Format & Options" tab, tick "Print Background (colours & images)"

Latest Updates
  • Attack boxes added next to ability mods
  • Cha attack added to weapon stats, for paladin powers
  • Equipment overhauled: now weapons are added and have magical qualities, and names
  • Character sheet has Speed, Initiative, Vision and Action Points boxes
  • Character sheet has weapons panel added
  • Powers sheet shows page breaks, and powers can be dragged
  • Vertical text on character sheet changed to images, due to not printing properly
  • Should now work in Firefox
  • Works pretty well on PS3 browser, too!
  • Bonuses that always apply are factored into the character sheet. For example, if you take the Alertness feat, the +2 perception is applied as a feat bonus; it will not show up on the Alertness power card.
  • Bonuses that do not always apply are mentioned on the power cards. For example, Dragonborn Fury only applies when you are bloodied, so it is on the power card not on your character sheet.
  • This also applies to things like Wizards Staff Of Defense: you gain +1 AC when you are holding your staff. While this may be true 99% of the time, it is not a part of your character, and it is possible you won't get the bonus sometimes (when you sleep, put the staff down, get captured etc). So the bonus is on the power card rather than being integrated into the character stats.
Known bugs/issues:
  • If you choose a multiclass feat that allows you to choose a skill from your new class, you can currently choose one from your own class skills instead. This shouldn't be allowed.
  • Multiclass powers are not implemented.
  • If you gain a skill through a feat (eg Arcane Initiate gives Arcana) then take skill focus in that skill, you will get an error (on the feats page only).
  • Counting of powers is not enforced.
  • Levels of powers are not checked.
  • Rituals are not implemented.
  • Paragon and epic destiny are not implemented.