Making a Victory with Bling

You will need:
  • 1 Victory-class Destroyer (cleaned of flash)
  • LEDs of assorted colours (salvaged from dead PC's)
  • A few CR-2032 batteries (salvaged from dead PC's)
  • A switch (salvaged from dead PC)
  • Some bits of wire (salvaged from... anywhere)
  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Electrical tape
  • Green stuff and superglue
1. Construct the Victory as normal. I undercoated mine at this stage, but you can do it later if you prefer.

2. Mock up your electrical circuit to ensure the batteries have enough power to light the LEDs brightly. Use the below circuit diagram:
No resistors or other components are required since you're using 1.5V batteries. Most likely 2 batteries will give a good result.

3. Use electrical tape to stick the battieries together, and to stick wires to the + and - poles. Soldering doesn't work due to the highly reflective surfaces of the batteries.

4. Use more electrical tape to stick the batteries to the switch. Use green stuff and superglue to stick the switch to the back end of the Victory.

5. Stick the LEDs in place using green stuff and superglue. Run the wires along the sides of the Victory, making use of the natural features to hide them as much as possible. Superglue in place.
6. Cut wires to the right length and attach to the switch.

7. Paint the Victory and wires.

Finished Model

Base coated


Powered up!
Looks much better in real life...