ACTA Attack Simulator (AAS)

Select shooting ship

Select target ship

This simulator is intended to give you an idea of the average damage done when one ship fires on another.

All figures are averages, which means you will see strange figures such as 3.2 hits! Of course it is not possible to get 3.2 hits. This merely represents the average, so if you were to attack 10 times, you should get around 32 hits.

Stealth also works in the same way. A stealth score of 4+ gives a 50% chance to break, therefore halving the average hits.

To get started, select a ship to do the shooting and a target ship below. On the next page, select which weapons will be fired and choose the options on the right (you can disable certain traits, give scout bonuses, CAF, etc).

Known issues/future improvements:
- Does not take into account the possibility of losing traits due to previous crits or from being crippled.
- Masters Of Destruction looks a little strange, it works out the additional damage before the damage multiplier is applied. But the final answer is correct.
- Does not allow Scout redirecting of fire, just use CAF instead.
- It would be nice to be able to apply refits to weapons.